Packaging ideas

I focused mainly on the six-pack design for my bottles today. The only bottle carrier I could find in the books holds four bottles, so I think I’m going to have to find a template for six somewhere else. I looked online, but templates are surprisingly hard to find. I think I’m going to just find a six-pack case somewhere and break it down, then trace the flattened cardboard to the dimensions I need.

I was also wondering how to print my design onto a cardboard box. A previous student made a case for energy drinks with a six-pack, but she just glued paper onto an already existing box. I want to create my own, possibly with different size walls or die cuts to highlight my logo. I’ll look for light but sturdy cardstock that will still run through the printer, or consider wintergreen oil transfers if I can’t do that. I’ll have to experiment with some sizes, and talk to Prof. Fender about the printer’s capabilities.

For now, here’s the box I assembled based on the four-pack template:



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