Concept Narrative: Identity Design

For my final identity design materials, I chose the solid black logo and Trade Gothic, a clean sans-serif font with a wide variety of typefaces to choose from. My background went from cold granite to a warm, light wood planking. I feel like the wood texture warms up the heavy black ink, while the light oak-colored planks contrast better than a darker wood (i.e. cherry or mahogany). The wood also gives it a sense of masculinity that will translate well with my business’ clientele, since my targeted demographic are blue-collar/working class men, specifically in the New England area.

My business card and letterhead incorporate a bar of transparency oversetting the wood. This makes the black pop from the brown wood, and prevents the smaller type from getting lost in the grooves between the planks. My envelope mimics the letterhead with a horizontal band of vertical planking along the bottom. Though the bands of wood on the stationary are horizontal, I used vertical planks to simulate the verticality of the logo, business cards, and later the bottles and other branding materials I will create in project 3.

Again, this is my logo:

Here is my final business card:

My stationary:


Front of envelope


Back of envelope

And my signage (both keg and brewery gate):


Brewery gate

Brewery keg


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