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Final blog post

Benn and I assembled our full-size tiled poster and program today. The gallery opening is tomorrow night at 7 in the library foyer.

The poster is too big to photograph in the lab, but here is the program:


Final poster and program

Benn and I both drove on one file today, so here’s a link to his post with the images:

Merging poster ideas

Benn and I got some great feedback from the group today. People responded really well to our lighter posters (my “unfinished” one even looked complete to them, so I guess I’ll leave it as is!). We’re going to basically merge them, based on what the others were suggesting. We’ve decided to go with a blackletter, lower-case title; the uppercase seems to proud and loud for a crackhouse, while lowercase gives more character and nuance while the blackletter forms play up the Gothic themes that are found throughout the play.

This is an uncomplete version of the poster; Benn is working on smoke manipulation at the moment and we’ll merge the two on Monday.

First draft: Hamlet posters

Here are two preliminary versions of my poster. The second one (with the red type) is a work in progess; I’m considering having a dying flower emerge from the T in HAMLET, with its wilting petals turning to drops of blood as they hit the bottom. It might be too complex for the approach we’re going for, so I’ll have to experiment and see if it works as well on screen as it does in my mind.

Also, it may just be my screen, but these JPGs look slightly blue on here. They’re not really; both are grayscale images, with the only color being the red type in the second version.

Full identity design system

After some last-minute construction, I’ve finished what I can of my identity project. The studio tack I used was a total failure, so for the re-do before finals I intend to figure out how to make things stick better (spray adhesive?). As I said during group discussion, I’ve been spread way too thin in the last weeks to give this project the attention it deserves (my capstone just finished up last night, after a 38-consecutive-hour final editing process). For now, I’m really displeased by the six-pack (mostly because the panels won’t stay on and the die cuts don’t match up) but I’m very satisfied with the labels. I definitely want to revisit the box, and fix it up before the end of semester, but right now I think I need to take a break from this project for awhile.

Here are the final pieces (I still haven’t switched out the revised, thicker logo on the stationery, but it’s on the box):

Overall, I wish I had had more time to develop this project some more, as well as materials that worked better. I did enjoy exploring the different materials used in creating an identity, and finding out my own creative process. For example: I learned to trust my instincts on decisions. The color scheme began with me choosing three arbitrary colors and using them together (the red, cream and black used for the stout) and then staring at them until things came to mind that the colors reminded me of (brick, industry, blue-collar work…which sparked the ideas for the beer names). From there I chose two other colors with a similar feeling. I can’t really describe the reasoning, but I liked the intuition and ran with it.

I think I could really like branding design if I had the time to devote to it (which would definitely not be a problem without a senoir project taking over).

Final stretch?!

I can’t believe these are due Monday already! I need so much more time than I have this weekend. My capstone has totally taken over in these past few weeks, so I’ve had little/no time to work on this outside of class. I hoped to start designing my six-pack today, but I had to tweak some things on my label, which ended up taking WAY longer than I expected. I printed and started cutting out the bare template again so I can trace it on my poster board, but that’s as far as I got today. And I’m gone this weekend (AGAIN) so I won’t be able to finish up until Sunday night. Ugh.

Here’s one of my final labels, with all the technical stuff (surgeon general warning, barcode, brew info, etc.).

I guess I can sleep after I graduate…

Bottle Labels

Today I focused on variations of my bottle labels. I came up with three so far: Smithy’s Stout, Iron Horse Lager, and Shipyard Ale. I might do one more, or just leave the three so that my six-pack case can hold two of each.

This JPG looks nothing like the actual colors, which are taken from the “Stone and Brick” color schemes in Illustrator (the real colors are much less bright, more faded/worn looking). Even in Illustrator, the colors look darker on screen than they do printed out, so I tested them for legibility. The first grey I used for the lager was much lighter than it looked on screen, so I darkened it. I kept the red and blue the same. If I do another label I’ll probably use a dark tan/khaki color (I considered green, but figured it would not go with the industrial theme).

Wednesday I’ll focus on designing the case.