Bottle Labels

Today I focused on variations of my bottle labels. I came up with three so far: Smithy’s Stout, Iron Horse Lager, and Shipyard Ale. I might do one more, or just leave the three so that my six-pack case can hold two of each.

This JPG looks nothing like the actual colors, which are taken from the “Stone and Brick” color schemes in Illustrator (the real colors are much less bright, more faded/worn looking). Even in Illustrator, the colors look darker on screen than they do printed out, so I tested them for legibility. The first grey I used for the lager was much lighter than it looked on screen, so I darkened it. I kept the red and blue the same. If I do another label I’ll probably use a dark tan/khaki color (I considered green, but figured it would not go with the industrial theme).

Wednesday I’ll focus on designing the case.


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