I’ve finally figured out something that I like with this project!!! I was blindly playing around with colors and beer names today and came up with what I think is a great start to a bottle label scheme. I decided it would be boring to stick “Black Rose” in front of every beer name, so I decided to come up with some more clever names that still resonate with the demographic. I came up with one so far: Smithy’s Stout. I plan on making 3-5 more kinds, with similar names that connote hard-working, rustic lifestyles. Some other words I’ve been playing around with are Iron Horse, Journeyman, and Deck Hand. These will all be accompanied by a simple photo, like the anvil in the example. My demographic is concerned more with a complex taste than a complex label, so I think the dark color, heavy font and simple graphics will convey the tone of voice I’ve been looking for.

Here’s the mock-up of my first (good) label:

I’ll be gone for critique on Wednesday, but I’m hoping to get some good feedback from the class next week. Until then, I’ll work on more variations of these, as well as gather some more materials for the 6-pack (I bought posterboard at Hobby Lobby, but am considering seeing what the Art Store has to offer as well).


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