Container specs

My main focus today was on the size specifications for my container. First I measured a beer bottle (I used the Bud Light bottles in Carnegie that were someone’s project last year). The bottles are 9.5″ tall, 2.5″ diameter, 7.75″ circumference base, and 4.75″ circumference neck.

After building the hexagonal crate to what I thought were the correct dimensions to fit the bottles, I found out that the template in the book is much too wide for a beer bottle. So I had to rework the template, which was difficult to do since the file is an .eps and doesn’t allow for resizing parts of the whole. I had to cut and paste the hexagon pieces for the top and bottom, then resize everything so that each of the 6 sides measures 9.75″x3.9″. This took forever, but here is what the final template looks like:

I will assemble it at some point to make sure it fits all the bottles, but from here I plan to actually start designing it, as well as reworking the bottle labels I created before. I’m also considering barmats (coasters), tappers and glasses if time allows.


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