Packaging: day two

I found a six pack box at a friend’s house last night, and after asking them if I could have it (they gave me a funny look but consented) I took it home and tore it apart. I didn’t realize how many time those things fold in on themselves to retain their sturdiness! Plus they use a ton of glue to hold it all together.

After doing a competitive audit today, I found there are many more creative ways to package beer bottles than the typical cardboard 3×2 six pack design. (See my blog post above for the examples I found for my audit.) So I went through the packaging books again, this time keeping an eye out for anything that could hold a few bottles. I found several boxes that I could cut holes in for the longnecks, as well as a longneck holder that would act as a divider inside of a box. However, I also came across another design that I think will work perfectly.

It’s a hexagonal six-pack case, which means the bottles would all fit in together while forming a radial shape that I’ve been exploring in other parts of my design. The hexagon will still resemble a rose shape, and die cuts on the side will allow the labels to show through near the bottom.

My next task is to figure out the correct size for the box. This will mean buying a large sheet of cardboard (preferably waterproof) that will be big enough to fold into the right size. Which means probably not going to fit in the printer. So I’m going to test the effects of a wintergreen transfer on the cardboard (possibly making it look something like the New Glarus box above), or printing off separate panels and gluing them onto each wall.


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