Progress & changes to logo

So, based on the feedback I received from class last Wednesday, I’ve decided to make a few changes to my design. For one, I changed the background texture from granite to a light wood. I like the warmth the wood gives to the black, and it doesn’t require any other colors to accent a simple black and white image. I think I’m going to use primarily burgundy if something calls for another color; I think it works better than the blue or green.

I switched out the Helvetica Inserat for Trade Gothic, since it has more typefaces to choose from while still maintaining the thick sans serif I’m looking for. I upped the thickness with a one-point stroke, and used all caps to make it feel a little heavier. I think the combined weight gives it the right amount of heft that I’m looking for with the logo.

I also added another element to my signage materials. I had played with bottle labels and a keg for some variety of sizes, but I felt I need to go bigger still to get the full effect. So I found a photo of the St. James Gate entrance to the Guinness brewhouse in Dublin (the gate is an iconic part of the brewery) and transposed a light wood planking on top of the black gate. Then I added my logo to the gate, as well as some decorative hinges (since I didn’t put the Celtic knot on the gate, I figured some wrought iron hinges would suggest the flourish instead).

(I’ve also started designing letterhead, but I haven’t gotten very far with that, so I’ll wait until Wednesday to post those.)


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