Sketches – Black Rose Brewery

I’m a little behind on work today, but I knocked out about a dozen sketches in class today. I really want to focus on a celtic knot form that imitates a radial (rose) form without being too floral/feminine. My consumer demographic is geared toward a blue-collar kind of person: “Authentic”, “Proud” and “Hard-working” were the three adjectives I came up with to describe them. So I don’t want a lot of flourish. No girly stuff. Even a rose form can appeal to a construction worker if designed correctly.

I’m playing a lot with the B and R forms that are the initials of my brewery’s name (Black Rose). I’ve been experimenting with mirror imaging the B, the cutting off the bottom part to creating an R form. The counters intersect in both letters to create a knot-like space. I’ve also tried creating another loop on the ends to look like leaves growing out of the sides of the letters. I’ve also put the B and R back to back to create a stem from their strokes, with a radial knot above to indicate the rose bud.

So far, I have a few ideas that I really like in sketch form. From here I’ll take the pen tool to the designs and make a digital version in Illustrator. Chances are I’ll either end up merging ideas, or have a stroke of inspiration at some point and scratch all ideas for something new. Who knows?


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