Project Two: Subject and competitive audit

For project two, I’ve decided to create my brand identity design around a microbrewery. For this, I wanted to do a sort of New England/Boston/Irish style design, but am having a hard time finding an entity that really exemplifies what I want to do.

At first I had this amazing idea (or so I thought) to create a coat of arms with barley, hops, water and malt symbols in the crest. However, upon browsing tonight I found out that a small brewery in Vancouver called Okanagan Spring did the exact same thing! Now, I’ve never even heard of them, much less seen their label, but it’s always really annoying to see that someone had your great idea first.


My idea for a logo…except I found out it’s been used already!

So, despite that setback, here is a list of 10 breweries with good logos (for my competitive audit):

  1. Flying Dog Brewery (featuring artwork by Ralph Steadman! <3)
  2. San Francisco Brewery
  3. Shiner Beers
  4. Killian’s Irish Ale
  5. Peacetree Brewing Co.
  6. Murphy’s Irish Stout
  7. Rogue Ales
  8. Smithwick’s
  9. New Belgium Brewery
  10. Strongbow Cider

While none of these have exactly what I want to do (which is good), many of them incorporate design aspects I might include (and some just look really cool).

Also, Fullsteam Brewery has an awesome identity package, which I’ve chosen for my Show + Tell piece for the assignment.


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