Project One | On the home stretch

I’m finishing up the front half of my brochure, and finally starting the map. I can’t believe how much time the mileage chart took — I still worked on it for the majority of this class too! But I think it’s done, though I might alternate some colors once I get a color scheme settled for the map.

I think I’m going to draw in the blue from the photos to indicate the new trail routes on my map, with the yellow and brown to indicate the basic trail.

The photos I received from RRVT are mostly just candid shots, but I think the three I’m using will be a good representation of various seasons on the trail. I also decided against using the photo with lots of greenery; the primary colors were starting to take over and become too rainbow. So I chose the “Trails and Trills” photo of the biker on the bridge with the piano player. It’s kind of quirky, but I think it works with colors and gives some indication of activities that go on along the trail. The winter photo of the woman is also a little difficult in that I think her coat is too bold of a purple color. I’d like to tone that down, or even change the color of her coat in Photoshop. I’ll have to mess with that later.

For the weekend, I’m probably going to spend a few more hours creating the map. Overall, however, i think the hardest parts (the chart and brochure info) are out of the way.



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