Mileage Chart Hell

So I realized today that half of the trail was under construction when the map I’m using as a reference was created. That means the mileage chart is missing about 6 stops that are now (or will soon be) part of the trail. So I’m adding the 6 stops. The problem is that these stops are not linear like the rest of the trail; they create a sort of loop in the middle of the entire path. So I’ve gone on to Google Maps’ satellite images and visually estimated how far these new stops are from one another based on the existing mileage chart markers. Then I’ll add the new towns to the overall chart and hope it can still fit in my pamphlet.

I also realized while studying the chart and map that the trailhead points on RRVT’s map are not accurate with the distances. For example: The distance from Panora to Linden is supposed the same distance as Linden to Redfield, but looking at the map makes it seem like the Panora-Linden path is almost a third longer than the Linden-Redfield path. I think I’m going to move the trailhead markers to reflect the mileage chart, rather than attempt to re-measure the miles online, since it’s nearly impossible to find an accurate measurement since it’s not a real road for Google Maps to read and analyze.

Oh, and did I mention RRVT forgot to add Ortonville to the original mileage chart?! Uggghhhh……


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